The Year in Review; 2011.

So what shaped the world in 2011? As dictatorships were overthrown, Prince William got married. As the 7th billion human was born, the world was mourning one of the greatest losses of this century; Steve Jobs. Devastation hit Japan while the world’s most wanted terrorist was captured and killed.

An eventful year to say the least. We’ve worked in new countries, new cities and new industries. From Pet Care in China, Insurance in the Philippines and FMCG in Singapore; we’ve enjoyed facilitation disruption in resourcing. One of our favourite quotes of 2011 fuels our passion everyday ‘you’ll have the whole of eternity to think inside the box’ (see picture).

We’ve really enjoyed forming close client partnerships with Royal Canin / Mars Inc. We’ve been on a journey building the EVP, Employer Brand, Resourcing Strategy and implementing technology at the back end. A special thanks to Francois, Evelyn and Olivier – a great year.

We’ve continued work in the Insurance industry this year and had a great trip back to Europe over the summer, working with Nestle. We had the great pleasure of hosting Alan Watkins and Lucian Tarnowski in Hong Kong. We spoke at conferences in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges has been our deep dive into learning Mandarin. We can (proudly) have basic conversation now and will only improve through into 2012.