AmCham 20th Annual HR Conference.

Wednesday 7th December, 2011. Hong Kong.
We recently spoke at the AmCham 20th Annual HR Conference, held in Hong Kong. The topic was ‘Asia Powering the World Economy’. During our keynote, we posed the question; ‘Do Leaders need to unlearn everything we’ve learned?’ A provocative question.

Asia will dominate the world economy by sheer population size and demographics. But will Asia truly incubate innovation? Will Asia be able to leapfrog the West, not only learning from and following the past, but paving the foundations for The Future? To do that requires a fundamental shift in the way Leaders lead organizations, a shift in the way Managers manage and a seismic shift in the way organizations are structured.

Here is a snapshot of the key messages given during our keynote:

  • It starts and ends with Control. We need to foster a new relationship with Control
  • The W Effect; Leaders need to deliberately transfer control of Who, where, when and how people work, and solely focus on the outcome (what) people are delivering
  • Organizations spend billions solving the wrong problems
  • Work/Life Balance initiatives are solving the wrong problems. It is about Work/Life Control