User-Experience Design Associate:

Ankita Roy is the User-Experience Design Associate. She was born in Calcutta, India where she lived for eight years before moving to Hong Kong.

She recently graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and this is her first full-time position. Prior to this, she was an intern for the Corporate & Sustainability practice at Edelman Hong Kong. She has also written for publications such as Prestige Hong Kong, WestEast Magazine and Young Post (SCMP Group).

Ankita was the lead organiser for TEDxHKUST 2013, quoting it to be one of the highlights of her time at university.

In 2012, she spent the summer teaching Cultural Education at a primary school in Cologne, Germany.

Ankita strongly believes that people have unlimited potential. She is excited to make a dent in the universe by re-thinking and improving the experience people have at work.