Creating connection within the IT department.

THE CHALLENGE: Our journey with Cathay Pacific IT began in late 2013. The department had undergone a re-organisation and leadership changes in the recent years. Staff were confused and morale was suffering. Several issues were brewing under the surface. Amongst the challenges were question marks about the vision and strategy and an absence of performance management. Connection within the department wasn’t optimal. There was room to improve relationships with business units and vendors. It was time to shift the conversation away from the negativity of the past and focus on driving improvements for the future. With a new leadership team on board, we set out to tackle this challenge.

THE IMPACT: Connect Relate Create has truly brought the department together under a common identity. A year from when Connect Relate Create first started, we engaged employees from across the department to understand the impact of Connect Relate Create, and across the board, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff feel that the department is heading in the right direction and in a much better place compared to the past. Vendors and business units also expressed that their relationships with IT had improved within that year.




THE IDEA: Moving forward required a fundamental mindset shift. Each individual in the department had to drive and own improvement. To do this, we needed to give people a call-to-action.Connect Relate Create was born out of this. It is an internal identity that focuses on behaviour change and outlines the starting point for each individual employee.

Connect. Relate. Create.


Launch event: To launch Connect Relate Create, we organised a full-day event with interactive sessions to engage over 600 employees in the department. It gave the opportunity for staff to internalise what Connect Relate Create meant for them personally and what role they could play in driving it forward.

Strategy-on-a-page: The direction of the department was unclear. We worked closely with the leadership team to clarify and consolidate the strategy into a visual one-pager. It aims to remind and reinforce the vision and strategy on a daily basis.

Monthly team sessions: Designing workshops for teams to get to know each other better and consequently work in a more productive, efficient and collaborative way going forward.

Recognition: We designed postcard style ‘thank you’ cards to encourage spontaneous recognition within the department. Unlike formal recognition programmes, keeping it informal with postcards meant it was super simple and thus an easy behaviour for employees to adopt.