Curating Greatness with a luxury fashion brand.

THE CHALLENGE: We started working with Ralph Lauren in 2013. Their Senior Vice President, Merchandising, had just joined the team and we worked on an internal identity and launching a Leadership Offsite in Hong Kong. It was a chance to hit re-set with a new team in place, come together and create a unique experience.  

THE IMPACT: It was an emotionally powerful event. Each person at the offsite left inspired with very clear actions. This was so important to them driving change. To avoid falling off a cliff, we scheduled in a follow up session and maintained close contact with the teams to check progress since the offsite. Curating Greatness still lives through everything that they do. 


THE IDEA: Traditional Leadership Offsite meetings are about as exciting as decaf coffee. The agendas are packed full, communication is one way and the venues are dark and uninspiring. We don’t like traditional. And we don’t like uninspiring, so we set about doing things a bit differently. We started by understanding the leadership team and their challenges by facilitating 7 x full-day workshops with their teams before the offsite even began. We explored team dynamics, painstorming as well as diving deep into their business strategies and action plans. This helped to guide us when thinking about the offsite agenda.The venue was a pop-up art gallery full of light, open space and blank walls. The agenda was interactive and far from death by PowerPoint. We facilitated sessions based on the behaviour changes we were looking to inspire. We followed up with workshops involving the entire function.


  • 360 feedback for managers
  • Strategy on a page
  • CAST staff awards
  • Internal identity
  • Workshops
  • Leadership offsite