THE IDEA: Traditionally, high potential development programmes are launched on emails, consist of formal training and the HiPos are assigned a mentor. This doesn’t work.

To create impact, we focused on creating personalised experiences. We structured the programme to provide a framework, and empowered each employee to make the right decisions for themselves.

To launch, we steered clear from email and instead sent over 200 personalised boxes to all of the HiPo’s, their Line Managers and Country HR across the region.

This included:
- The Guide to Greatness
- Line Manager’s Guide
- Inspirational Quote in a frame
- Chocolates with a developmental exercise

Johnson & Johnson.

Celebrating High Potential Talent.

THE CHALLENGE: J&J Consumer in Asia operates out of 11 markets. Each market has its own talent management strategy. Some country teams are stronger than others, meaning the employee experience was inconsistent across the region. There wasn’t a tailored approach to developing different segments of talent. Line managers weren’t necessarily equipped with the skills to develop their staff. There was no structure to developing high potential (HiPo) talent.

THE IMPACT: There was 100% participation in the launch calls from the HiPo’s, Line Managers and HR. There has been excellent feedback on the launch kits across the entire organisation. Functions beyond Consumer such as R&D, Supply Chain and Vision Care are in the process of rolling out the Talent Strategy as well.