THE CHALLENGE:  Employees often cite manager quality as being the single biggest contributing factor to employee satisfaction and enjoyment at work. But not all managers are aware of their profound impact, both positive and negative, on those around them. Our challenge was to empower all managers to better engage and motivate their teams. 

THE IDEA:  Great managers do two things really well; they care and inspire. And being cared for and inspired isn’t the result of a single action or one encounter. It’s many moments throughout the course of a day, week, month or year that can make or break morale and motivation.

And so the concept ‘Moments that Matter’ was born. Moments that Matter are interactions, conversations, emails, meetings, feedback sessions, coffee breaks and hundreds of other micro-moments that can reinforce a positive situation or impact negatively on peoples’ experiences at work.  

THE IMPACT:  Moments that Matter was launched at the Leadership Dialogue attended by the Top 100 leaders across the region. The ‘Moments that Matter’ section of the conference received extremely high scores. The majority of attendees cited it to be the most powerful message of the day. We are now in the process of rolling it out organisation wide and have heard many incredible Moments that Matter stories as a result.




Conference launch segment: We wanted people to get a taste of Moments that Matter in a simple, interactive way. To do this we created customized chocolate bars. Under each wrapper conference participants found different questions to spark conversation with the person sitting next to them. This moment of connection deepened relationships and made people feel good. 

Video story series:  Stories are at the heart of the Moments that Matter campaign concept. We created the first Moments that Matters video story focusing on a senior leader in the business. He shared how his manager believed in him at a critical time and gave him the confidence to face a difficult situation. This moment of trust and belief has stayed with him for years.

Starter pack:  To shift mindsets and change behaviours we produced a Starter Pack that included a number of simple tools to create Moments that Matter. The Starter Packs were distributed across Asia Pacific and translated into Chinese and Japanese.

Intranet hub:  With many employees in the field, we wanted to make sure they were able to experience Moments that Matter too. We built a tri-lingual intranet hub where employees could watch the videos, read about the Starter Pack and download the tools we created for use outside the office. We also used the intranet hub to feature comments and feedback we received as we rolled out Moments that Matter.