User-Experience Design Manager:

Tell us about yourself.
I was born in England and grew up in Twickenham, where I lived for 19 years.  I studied Performing Arts at college for a year and then trained as a hairdresser. At 19, I had the opportunity to move to Singapore and start a whole new chapter of my life in another side of the world so I jumped on it.

What was it like to live and work in Singapore?
Singapore was amazing. I describe it as a beginners guide to Asia! After a few months of hairdressing there I decided I wanted to try something different. At 19, I wasn’t really sure what that was but knew I should take advantage of the sheer amount of opportunity in Asia. I worked with Standard Chartered Bank for four years across a range of departments going from Corporate Real Estate to Learning and Talent Development until I finally found my passion in Marketing.

Tell us about something cool you have/ are working on.
Working with the Ralph Lauren Merchandising function this year has been incredible. It’s been a real journey since I started the project, from the pre-work facilitating full day workshops for each of the teams, to organising a three day offsite with the APAC Leadership team. Seeing the whole team come together, after months of hard work, was definitely a proud moment. I’ve also become pretty clued up on the world of Merchandising!

How did you end up in Hong Kong as the User-Experience Design Manager?
After almost five years in Singapore I was ready for a new adventure. I’ve known (and loved!) Emma and Jared for a couple of years so jumped at the chance to work with the e3 family. Hong Kong has always been one of my favourite places; ever since my first holiday here when I was 12 years old I fell in love with the city.

What are you passionate about?
Travelling. Meeting and connecting with people. Nailing those tiny details to create amazing experiences for our clients. 

What are your big hairy audacious goals?
To be a super slick, confident public speaker