Head of User-Experience Design :

Tell us about yourself.
I’m half French Canadian and half Swedish but if you asked me where home is, I’d say New Zealand. I grew up on a dairy farm, my driveway was three kilometres long, which was a big deterrent to mischievous behaviour. That’s probably why I developed strong nerd-like tendencies from a young age. I studied Commerce at University but I can honestly say that the most valuable lessons I learnt over that four-year period were outside of a lecture theatre.

You’ve lived in a few different places: Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia and now Hong Kong. What were the experiences like in each of these places?
There is nothing quite like the rush of transplanting yourself in a completely foreign country and trying to make it work. Some of my experiences have been terrible, mostly due to loneliness, and I’d find myself Googling things like “How to make friends”. Others, like Hong Kong have been better than I could have ever dreamed. I’ve become an expert at the ‘friend date’. And figuring out public transport. Foreign environments make you so aware of what you love about your homeland – it’s the ultimate way of staying grateful.

You have a background in the space where recruitment meets marketing. How did you get into user-experience design?
My marketing background has always made me very conscious of the experience that’s tied to any customer interaction. Sometimes I find myself mapping my experiences in my head as they happen. And some of the most frustrating ones related to job applications. I won’t get started on this topic because I won’t be able to stop. Just think 56 clicks and black hole. So bringing a user-experience mindset to HR and recruitment really made sense to me.

Tell us about the projects you’ve been working on.
I’ve really enjoyed diving into the world of rewards and recognition at DFS. They have such passionate people who appreciate the concept of personal experiences. Developing a recognition program that matched the experiences that they create for their customers every day was a great journey.

Working with Talisman has been really rewarding. I’ve developed a great respect for the Oil & Gas industry. It’s a fascinating space. Understanding the challenges of working in the industry and meeting people who spend huge portions of their life on a platform in the middle of an ocean has been eye opening. I’m constantly surprised at how many idea generators, radical thinkers and change makers there are hidden behind office cubicles (or oil platforms).

What are you passionate about?
Pastry or baked good of any kind. Also, making everything that we experience at work as awesome as everything that we experience outside of work! So that people can truly unleash their own personal talent instead of trying to make it fit in an org chart. Or worse hiding it away till they’ve forgotten about it.

What are your big, hairy audacious goals?
I want to have something that I’ve written published, and not on my own blog. But a legitimate media outlet. I also want to do multi-lingual business (English and French).